Honoring your loved one after they've passed is a difficult yet meaningful task that can be done in many ways. One of the most traditional and personal ways to do this is by creating a custom headstone or grave marker. Custom grave markers come in many designs and materials, allowing you to create an ideal memorial for your loved one. If you're looking for a modern twist to a traditional headstone, you can choose from various custom designs. Here are four unique custom headstone designs that you should consider for your loved one's memorial.

Unconventional Shapes

You don't have to be limited by the traditional rectangular shape when it comes to headstones and grave markers. You can use creative shapes like hearts, crosses, or circles to create a design that truly stands out and reflects the personality of your loved one. If you want a more modern look, you can opt for angular shapes like hexagons or triangles. These unconventional shapes will stand out and make a beautiful addition to the cemetery. You should find a competent contractor who can efficiently turn your vision into a reality.

3-Dimensional Designs

You can also create a 3-dimensional design, such as a sculpture or relief, that adds extra depth and detail to the memorial. A 3-D headstone can be customized with images, text, or any other elements you'd like to have included in the design. This design can be particularly meaningful if it includes the image of your loved one or some favorite activity they enjoyed.

Granite or Marble

Your custom design can also be made with different types of stone. Granite and marble are popular choices because they are durable and timeless, creating a lasting tribute to your loved one. Granite is a more affordable option, while marble offers a luxurious look. Both materials are available in various colors, so you can choose the shade that best suits your vision for the memorial.


You can also add illumination to your custom headstone design. It could be as simple as a light fixture built into the stone or a permanent solar-powered light that illuminates the memorial during nighttime. The design option can be especially meaningful if used to commemorate a special event or occasion. Also, if the graveyard is around your home or your loved one wanted their final resting place to be illuminated, it's a great way to honor them.

Creating a unique custom headstone is a great way to honor and remember your loved one in an unforgettable way. Whether you choose an unconventional shape, a 3-dimensional design, or a special illumination, the memorial will be a beautiful tribute to your loved one. Work with a contractor to develop a custom headstone design that will stand out and reflect the life of your loved one.