If you have an asphalt driveway, an important part of protecting your driveway from damage will be to get it resealed from time to time. The problem with asphalt resealing is that not all asphalt driveways will require these services at the same intervals. Consequently, many homeowners struggle to know when it is time to contact an asphalt paving company to get their driveway resealed. Thankfully, the three warning signs discussed below can help to let you know when it is time for you to utilize these services.  

Sign #1: The Color Of Your Driveway Has Faded

An asphalt driveway with an intact seal should be a deep black color. Over time, this color can fade into an ash gray if your driveway seal wears off and the underlying asphalt is exposed to the elements. This is more than just a cosmetic issue since leaving your driveway unsealed can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your asphalt. Leaving your driveway unsealed can also result in a higher risk of potholes and other damage which can impact the functionality of your driveway.  Consequently, you will want to contact an asphalt paving company as soon as possible if you notice the color of your driveway beginning to fade. 

Sign #2: There Are Alligator Cracks In Your Asphalt

Asphalt driveways may develop cracks for a variety of reasons. In most cases, these cracks can easily be repaired either on a DIY basis or by contacting an asphalt company to do the work for you. However, there is one specific type of crack that can point to the need to have your driveway resealed. This type of crack is known as an alligator crack. This type of cracking results from your driveway seal wearing away and will resemble the pattern of alligator skin. If you notice alligator cracks in your asphalt, you will want to schedule an appointment with an asphalt company to get your driveway resealed as soon as possible. 

Sign #3: You Have Dark Spots On Your Driveway

When the seal on your asphalt wears off, moisture will be able to seep deep into your driveway. This includes allowing dripping fluids from your vehicle to seep into the asphalt. This can result in dark stains on your driveway that will not go away even with a deep cleaning. If you notice dark spots or stains on your asphalt, you can almost guarantee that it is time to have your driveway resealed. 

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