Your Commercial parking lot influences a customer's perception of your business in a big way. Proper parking lot paving and maintenance can help you create lasting impressions and a steady flow of customers. Whether you're installing a new lot or upgrading a worn-out parking space, you must know how to handle issues that affect the integrity of your parking lot.

If you want to extend the life of your parking lot surface, you must know the best materials to use. Equally, you need to work with a seasoned parking lot paving service.  Whether you own a large retail mall or an apartment complex, the health of your asphalt parking increases your property value and prevents costly accidents and lawsuits. Here are four commonly asked commercial parking lot paving questions.

1. How Can You Minimize Parking Lot Installation Time?

Your business relies on your parking lot significantly. Your budget and allocated time determine how fast a paving contractor can install the lot. The budget influences your choice of materials. Some materials require minimum base preparation, and they cure quickly after pouring. You must check whether you have additional space where customers can park their vehicles as you install the new parking lot. Remember, the surface preparation, material mixing, stabilization, and permit acquisition determine how fast you can start using your new surface.

2. Can You Install A New Parking Lot Over The Old One?

If you prefer an asphalt parking lot, it's possible to install it over an existing surface. However, you must ensure the base and soil conditions are perfect. A professional parking lot paving company inspects the condition and integrity of the base. They even out dips, surface dents, bumps, and depressions before installing a new asphalt surface. Correcting such issues ensures the new parking lot will hold well against the elements and heavy impact.

3. Does Traffic Flow Affect The Installation?

Indeed, the flow of human or vehicle traffic determines the installation process significantly. If your facility handles negligible foot and light vehicle traffic, the installation might not be as demanding. However, if your industrial or retail parking expects thousands of heavy delivery trucks daily, you need extensive preparation. A parking lot paving company factors in the vehicle tonnage, soil, sub-base, and binder preparation during the installation. They know the ideal base materials to use for your parking lot to withstand the tons of weight in trucks driving in and out of your facility.

4. Is Proper Parking Lot Drainage Important?

Dented parking lot surfaces accommodate water that happens beneath the surface damage. You must observe proper drainage to reduce the impact of pooling water and ice. Indeed, moisture combined with heat, chemicals, and oil spills accelerates surface cracking potholes and rutting. Your parking lot paving contractor slopes the surface appropriately to eliminate water damage.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for parking lot paving services near you.