Installing a parking lot is one of the worthwhile investments you can make for your family or business. Nonetheless, you have to consider a few things to carry out a successful parking lot paving project. Of course, you begin by considering the paving material you are going to use. Most people prefer asphalt because of its indisputable qualities. You may also consider concrete or other paving materials like gravel or brick. However, asphalt is still the most suitable material for your parking lot paving project for the following reasons.

The Installation Process Is Quick

Even if installing a parking lot is a brilliant idea, it shouldn't take forever to complete. In most cases, the paving material you use determines how long the paving process takes. And since you want to invest in a paving project that will take the shortest time to complete, it's advisable to consider asphalt. Actually, asphalt doesn't take long to cure, so the paving process takes a shorter period. And since asphalt cures and dries quickly, the lot will support vehicular traffic in your home or business premises within a few days. The paving process also involves rolling—adhering the three asphalt layers together—and it also takes a short time.

The Paving Process Is Much Affordable

Any paving project requires some money to complete. However, it's good to consider how much money the project needs to complete. If you don't consider affordability, you may strain a lot to complete it as scheduled. The paving project is usually pocket-friendly because asphalt isn't expensive. In fact, most people also use asphalt because of its durability. Usually, the sub-base layer is permanent, and it actually doesn't need replacing. When the time to resurface the lot comes, you only remove the top surface layer, which won't cost you much.

Asphalt Usually Tolerates Harsh Weather

Your parking lot can develop problems in any season, but it will develop more serious ones during the winter season because of water. However, asphalt parking lots aren't affected a lot because asphalt is less porous. This means water will not easily seep into its lower layers and cause damage associated with the freeze-thaw cycles experienced during the cold season. In fact, asphalt easily resists the damage that the deicing chemicals cause. And because of its dark color, asphalt can stay warm longer, allowing ice and snow to melt much faster.

So if you plan to install a lasting parking lot or want to repave it, you now know why you should go for asphalt. Just ensure you get competent paving contractors to handle the paving process to the end.